Merry the Girl of 1000 Gimmicks. Merry King is adopted as a teenager by the father of Sylvester Pemberton, aka the Star-Spangled Kid. Merry discovers Sylvester's identity and decides to fight crime herself, eventually becoming his sidekick. She has no superpowers, but has, well, a thousand gimmicks, everything from sneezing powder to sticky-glue shooters, all concealed in her cape or in her belt pouch. She fights her male opposite, the Gimmick Guy; Presto, a criminal stage magician; and the Rope, who uses rope-themed gimmicks. She appears in stories with titles like “Marauders From Mars.”

First Appearance: Star-Spangled Comics #81 (DC), June 1948. 7 appearances, 1948-1949. Created by Otto Binder and Winslow Mortimer.











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