Merlin. Jock Kellog, a playboy whose wealth is not what it could be, spends the last of his money to visit his dying uncle, hoping to score an inheritance. Instead he is told that he’s the last descendant of Merlin–“the Last Merlin”–and he is given a hooded robe rather than money. Jock puts on the robe and discovers that it gives him magic powers. With these powers he decides to do good instead of evil and fights crime and wickedness, including Mars, God of War, himself. He has various plot device magic powers. Merlin appears in stories with titles like “Dr. Morbidd’s Zombie,” “War with Wotan,” and “Magic Vs. U-Boat.”

First Appearance: National Comics #1 (Quality), July 1940. 25 appearances, 1940-1942. Created by Dan Zolnerowich.









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