Merciless the Sorceress. There are two versions of Merciless the Sorceress. The first version is a native Amazonian: “Deep in the unexplored regions of the Amazon River Merciless the Sorceress holds sway over an empire of ignorant and superstitious people.” She is opposed by Bob Craig, manager of a rubber plantation. The second version is a white woman: "Pages of history recount the tale of a woman whose fantastic beauty is matched only by her evil genius! She twists the minds and warps the souls of men who worship at her feet and finally turns them into beasts! Such was Merciless the Sorceress, ruler of the mysterious land of Volcano People at the top of the world." She is opposed by the famous explorer Captain Bob Darlington, his assistant "the Professor," and his pilot "Happy" Jack Smiles, although they win mostly by luck. Both versions of Merciless can change men into animals, are bulletproof, can disintegrate guns with a gesture, and can fly, among other magic plot-device abilities.

First Appearance: All Top Comics #1 (Fox), 1944. 4 appearances, 1944-1946. Created by ?




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