Masked Marvel (I). The Masked Marvel (I), who has no secret identity, is a masked man who fights crime. He is brutal toward criminals, showing no hesitation about murdering them, and the police support him in this approach. He is publicly known and admired. He fights ordinary criminals like stamp counterfeiters and oil field saboteurs and he fights extraordinary criminals like The Hawk, groups like a confederation of the four largest criminal syndicates in the country, and the Red Raider, an insane submarine captain turned pirate. He is assisted by ZL, ZR, and ZY until ZL is killed, and then carries on with just ZR and ZY. The Masked Marvel has a glass domed mountaintop headquarters, an amphibious airplane, and a slew of guns and other high-tech weapons, but no superpowers.

First Appearance: Keen Detective Funnies v2n7 (Centaur), July 1939. 25 appearances, 1939 1940. Created by Ben Thompson.







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