Marvo 1.2 Go+. “Marvo 1.2 Go+ the super boy–of the year 2680–prodigy–mastermind–explorer and adventurer. Marvo 1.2 Go+ super-boy of the future! Son of one of the world’s greatest scientists. Heredity has given Marvo a powerful brain and magnificent intelligence. Government registered names are used instead of confusing last names of the 25th century. Marvo is but 15 years old but has the knowledge of an average scientist of forty. Marvo’s education has been speeded up by the use of the greatest wonder of the year 2680–the super-hypnobioscope, a machine which teaches a person subconsciously during sleep. The government has given Marvo the great + sign. Only 10 men on Earth have this distinction.” Marvo discovers the Hollow Earth and fights prehistoric creatures there. Later he fights the Antmen of Antar who are trying to conquer Earth.

First Appearance: Superworld Comics #2 (Komos Publications), May 1940. 2 appearances, 1940. Created by Charles Hornig and ? Note: Hugo Gernsback, whose “Ralph 124C41+” is an obvious influence on the Marvo 1.2 Go+ stories, was editor of Superworld Comics.








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