Marvex the Super Robot. Marvex is the creation of aliens from the fifth dimension; the aliens have been watching Earth and decide that humans would make good slaves. So they create a vaguely human looking android to help them with that task. However, when Marvex discovers their plans, he goes wild and kills the aliens, and then tries to wreck the lab in which he was created. But a strange explosion in the lab sends him to Earth, where the good natured Marvex decides to become a superhero. He's made of a "strange metal"  "fabri steel"  which renders him invulnerable and bulletproof. He also has super-strength, can run at super speeds, can perform Hulk leaps, has an advanced mechanical brain, and he can send radio messages via his mind. He appears in “The Origin of Marvex the Super-Robot,” “The Spike Green Case,” and “Battle of the Robots.”

First Appearance: Daring Mystery Comics #3 (Marvel), Apr 1940. 3 appearances, 1940. Created by Hal Sharp and ?








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