Marvelo. “Marvelo, the monarch of all magicians--has thrown his darkly blazing eyes that gleam so hypnotically, his lean hands that move with such blinding speed, all of his concentrated force and will--into the eternal struggle between good and evil-fighting always for true justice!” Marvelo comes to the US in search of adventure, and finds it, fighting his opponents with his nearly limitless magic, most of which is triggered by the word “Kalora!” Marvelo fights ordinary criminals, the troglodytes of Matto Grosso, and a recurring opponent, Ramun the black magician (and his trained, evil, knife-throwing ape Edpo).  Marvelo is assisted by his leopard skin wearing Chinese servant Zee. Marvelo appears in stories with titles like “The Menace of Molanga,” “The Invasion of Brahama,” and “The Hidden Treasure of the Haunted House.”

First Appearance: Big Shot Comics #1 (Columbia), May 1940. 23 appearances, 1940 1942. Created by Fred Guardineer and ?








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