Marga. “Von Dor, a mad physio-biologist, escaped into the heart of the African jungle from an asylum. He had been confined there for attempting to produce a race of people with the blood of panthers fused into them. As hostage he brought a beautiful white blonde nurse with him. His warped mind still determined to create a panther-man race, Von Dorf decides to use the beautiful hostage as his first victim. He places her in his electrofuse generator and switches on the current. She emerges transformed into a savage beauty.” Now a brunette, Marga becomes a vicious panther-woman. But during her travels through the jungle she discovers the futuristic city of Succo and meets explorer Ted Grant, who befriends her. She becomes a Jungle Hero and fights the enemies of freedom, including Uchunko, the Ruler of the Jungle, the Mad Scientist Drago, and Grippo, “Jungle Racketeer.” She appears in stories with titles like “The Secret Ray Repressor Plans,” “Sudden Death!” and “The Winged Beasts of Professor Meier.”

First Appearance: Science Comics #1 (Fox), Feb 1940. 21 appearances, 1940-1941. Created by Emil Gershwin and ?

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