Man of War. Mars, the God of War, is so admiring of the German efforts during World War Two that he creates a being to work for them: “FASTER! That slow blundering fool I chose as my aggressor–BAH! I’ll create an image of myself on earth to show him how to do his job! Hear me! I take the strength of Hercules, the speed of Mercury, the wisdom of Zeus...and the powers of all the other gods and combine them into my image, who shall appear and disappear on earth in an explosion!” But Mars errs, and places this being in Dayton, Ohio, which as Man of War says "You forgot one thing my fine feathered created me in a peace-loving nation, not an aggressive one...and I'll fight your puppets with all the might and power you have given me!! And your own deadly blazing-sword is in the hand of someone more powerful than yourself and against your aggressive helpers!" He fights German agents and saboteurs.

First Appearance: Liberty Scouts #2 (Centaur), June 1941. 5 appearances, 1941-1942. Created by Paul Gustavson and Nils Gustavson.









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