Manhunter (I). Rick Nelson, a.k.a. Paul Kirk, is a big game hunter who is bored with hunting down animals. After his friend Police Inspector Donovan is murdered by criminals, Nelson/Kirk undergoes an epiphany and begins hunting The Most Dangerous Game: man. He has no special powers but has all the skills of a top hunter and tracker as well as being a skilled fighter. His enemies include ordinary criminals, German agents, the flying Buzzard, the twerpy crime lord Mr. Meek (who has a petrifying ray), the Rajah (who hypnotizes victims with the Burma Emerald), and the murderous gang leader the Tiger. He appears in stories with titles like "The House Without Stairs," "The Fish-Men," and "Beware of Mr. Meek."

First Appearance: Adventure Comics #58 (DC), Jan 1941. 21 appearances, 1941-1944. Created by Ed Moore.

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