Major Mars. “Major Mars, wizard of science and inventor of Grag, the robot endowed with a synthetic brain. Grag can think and talk! Born on the moon of earthly parents, Major Mars is a one-man vigilance committee dedicated to the maintenance of peace among the planets!” In the year 3964 Major Mars fights against evil. In his lone appearance Mars combats the Space Emperor, who would conquer the universe, and his men-turned-into-beasts soldiers. In addition to his mental and physical superiority, Major Mars has his ship and its advanced lab, Grag, a blaster, a “miniature arm television,” a formula which grants temporary invisibility and an anti-gravity belt,

First Appearance: Exciting Comics #1 (Standard), Apr 1940. 1 appearance. Created by Max Plaisted and ? Note: This story was adapted from Edmond Hamilton’s "Captain Future and the Space Emperor,” and Major Mars has many similarities to Captain Future himself. Both stories and characters were published by the same company.








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