Magnet. "An all-around athlete at college, Grant Halford becomes a promising young scientist--inventor of the incredible Geo-Locator! Able to find anyone, no matter how distant, Grant's device meets its first test in tracking down the Crimson Conqueror -- after Grant has been accused of killing Randall, one of the Conqueror's victims!" Halford, the Magnet, is helped by his girlfriend Debby and by Sidi, his native sidekick, both of whom fight and kill when necessary. The public and the police are aware of his alternate identity. Grant has no superpowers, but his Geo-Locator has magnetic abilities and allow to him find bad guys of every description, which vary from the Crimson Conqueror to Aztec mummies to ordinary murdering treasure-hunters.

First Appearance: Complete Book of Comics and Funnies #1 (Standard), 1944. 6 appearances, 1944. Ed Good and ?



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