Magic Morro. Doctor Francis Morrow and his eight-year-old son Jack are returning home after many years abroad helping natives. Unfortunately, their ship wrecks. They are found by a group of natives who take Jack to be their fore-ordained “white god” (“Morro” means magic in the natives’ tongue). After two years Francis dies, leaving Jack to be raised by the natives. Jack grows up to be a Jungle Hero. “By strictest secrecy Tanta Talu reveals many strange powers and unbelievable tricks of magic and sorcery to the young man! As the years go by, Morro, as he is known, grows to be a strong, fearless, and speedy as the wings of night–a superman such as has never yet trod the face of the Earth!” As an adult Morro returns to the U.S. and then begins fighting crime from a secluded jungle island headquarters. He is assisted by native sidekick Oomla, “who worships his master with an undying devotion,” and by Jack’s pet lion Hector.

First Appearance: Super Comics #21 (Whitman), Feb 1940. 13 appearances, 1940-1943. Created by Ken Ernst and ?







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