Magician from Mars. “Endowed through mixed Earth-Mars parentage with unusual charm, grace, and physical accomplishments, Jane 6EM35 derived peculiar and amazing powers through accidental ray contact. The strange feats she does gave her the name–Magician From Mars....” The rays from the cathode tube to which she was exposed as an infant give her a variety of powers, from super-strength to telekinesis to a more vague “I wish” superpower. After a tragic childhood of dead parents and a cruel aunt, Jane goes to Earth, stealing three million in gold on the way. She donates half of it to a doctor working on infantile paralysis and keeps half of it for herself. Once on Earth, she fights for justice, battling the masked crime lord The Hood and a musically-conjured Hate Elemental.

First Appearance: Amazing Man Comics #7 (Centaur), Nov 1939. 5 appearances, 1939-1940. Created by John Giunta and Malcolm Kildale.







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