Mad Ming. Wu Chang, known to the white world as Mad Ming, is a Yellow Peril. He is a San Francisco crime lord and tong master who is a part of the “world dope ring.” As with many other comic and pulp Yellow Perils, Wu Chang is ruthless and enjoys torturing his enemies. Unlike other Yellow Perils, however, he does not speak in a stereotypical way. Wu Chang is active around the world, for example taking control of a Lost City in South America. His nemesis is the Federal agent Gene and his lover and sidekick Jinny, who is, in her own words, "safe expert, burglar, and all-around confidence woman,” and slick enough to drug Wu Chang, rather than vice-versa, when they first meet. (Jinny is charming enough to deserve an entry all to herself).

First Appearance: Funny Pages v4n1 (Centaur), Jan 1940. 9 appearances, 1940. Created by Harold Delay and ?









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