Madam Satan. “Bald Mountain–the mythical mountain on whose peak, Satan and his imps hold revelry when the winter passes. Then the King of the Fiends makes his unholy plans of death and destruction for his mortal enemies. On this occasion, Satan looks below the black clouds and sees something which brings an evil chuckle to his lips.” What makes him laugh is the new member of his imps, Madam Satan, in life Tyra, a murderess and gold digger, but in death, Satan’s hitwoman: “Madam Satan, the scourge of man! Ready to go forth and leave a trail of misery and suffering in her wake!” She makes men lust after her and do horrible things for her. She appears in stories with titles like “The Corruption of Carl Janssen,” “The Seduction of George Seldes,” and “The Temptation of Ralph Saunders.”

First Appearance: Pep Comics #16 (Archie), June 1941. 6 appearances, 1941. Created by Abner Sundell and Harry Lucey.

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