Martin, Mack. “How does an ex-con like Mack Martin become a private detective? could be because his old man, ‘Trigger’ Martin, was one of the nation’s crack sleuths and taught Mack all the tricks, before a killer’s bullet ended his career. It could be that he’s not really so tough behind that hard boiled exterior, and certain things count with him. It could be that he decided to start his own private war with the underworld. It couldn’t be that maybe it’s because his guts and sleuthing ability make up a combination that has the department’s admiration and the crime boys marking him as number one on their death parade.” Martin has the snappy patter, the sexy secretary (Gertie), the way with the dames, and an appropriately hard-boiled approach to crime and criminals.

First Appearance: Super-Mystery Comics v7n5 (Ace), May 1948. 8 appearances, 1948-1949. Created by ?


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