Coyne, Lucky. Lucky Coyne is a hard-boiled police detective–in some stories a sergeant--who was inspired by the Two-Face school of management and detection. He carries a coin, and when faced with a key decision flips it. If it comes up heads, he takes action and does something. If it comes up tails, he does not. He is helped by Terry, and in some stories by Detective Mike McDune. Coyne is a good detective, good athlete, and a good shot. He appears in stories with titles like “The Mystery of the Evil Eye,” “Pound of Flesh,” and “Cop Killer.”

First Appearance: Funny Picture Stories v2n1 (Ultem), Sept 1937. 23 appearances, 1938-1946. Created by ? Note: The provenance of Lucky Coyne is a tangled one, as Harry “A” Chesler ended up packaging him to several different companies, including Centaur. For the purposes of this book I’m considering all of these different versions of Coyne to be the same. 

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