Lank, Lieutenant. Lieutenant Lank, the "Robin Hood of Wartime," is an American do-gooder in the country of "Attainia," which is under attack by the enemy of "Castile d'Or." Lank uses his American know-how and skills as a fighter pilot to help the Attainians and possibly win the war for them.

First Appearance: The Arrow #2 (Centaur), Nov 1940. 1 appearance. Created by Paul J. Lauretta and ? Note: This is a continuation, presumably by the same hands, of the American Ace story. Interestingly, The Arrow #1 was a reprint of Funny Pages, but it isn't known what issue #2 is a reprint of. But issue #2 appeared on the newsstands after Marvel Mystery Comics #2 & #3, which may mean that the creator of the American Ace left Timely and went to Centaur, where s/he did the strip as "Paul J. Lauretta."



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