Lieutenant Hercules. “Lieutenant Hercules is super-swift–super-strong–master of fire and forest–super-wise–indestructible–and the possessor of hundreds of abilities often claimed by comic heroes.” When bookkeeper Wilbur Klotz’s boss is being blackmailed, he asks Wilbur to take his place so as to trap the crooks. Wilbur wishes he had powers to help him–“I wish that I were endowed with the super-human ability of these comic gentlemen! It would be a great help indeed!”--and the wizard Merlin appears and grants Wilbur those powers. He uses them to fight crime.

First Appearance: Green Lama #1 (Spark Publications), Dec 1944. 8 appearances, 1944-1946. Created by Horace L. Gold and Irving Tirman.




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