Lone Eagle. During World War Two the Lone Eagle, of whom no other name is given (though we know he is a Captain in the Army Air Force) and no origin is provided, fights the Germans in Europe, in the skies and on the ground. He is suicidally brave–as he says, “singlehanded attacks are my specialty”–and ruthless in killing his enemies. If a German spy takes stolen plans across a battlefield, the Lone Eagle will pursue him across the battlefield and kill him while the other Germans shoot at the Eagle. If, by accident, the Lone Eagle finds an “insurrectionist” base in Panama, he will take them all on, planes and ground forces, by himself. If the Lone Eagle is captured and taken aboard a secret German aircraft carrier, he will kill most of the crew and sink the carrier all by himself. He has no super powers. In his final appearance he is renamed “Captain Eagle.” The Lone Eagle appears in stories with titles like “The Guardists of Aruba,” “The Sabotage of the Condor Planes,” and “The Scheme of Schadow.”

First Appearance: Thrilling Comics #3 (Standard), Apr 1940. 48 appearances, 1940-1947. Created by Ed Wexler and ?







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