Lobo. “Out of the darkness roars a fast plane, piloted by the Lobo, master sleuth, employed by various law enforcement organizations who often are stumped until Lobo jumps in and gives them a hand. The Lobo is rarely seen unless in the line of duty—other times he can be reached only by short wave radio. The ways of the Lobo are shrouded in mystery. No one has seen his home, nor where it is outside of its being somewhere out west. Sharp thinking and quick acting—a valuable friend and a very dangerous enemy.” He appears in “The Case of the Men With the Green Hair,” “Case of the ‘Silver Fangs’,” and “The Case of Sabotage in Ft. Collins.”

First Appearance: Champion Comics #6 (Worth Carnahan), Apr 1940. 3 appearances, 1940. Created by Max Neill and ?











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