Little Wise Guys. The Little Wise Guys are a tough, Brooklyn-style street gang of young boys who have run away from their respective homes and orphanages. Their members are Peewee, Jock, Scarecrow and Meatball (later Curly), and they are taken under the wing of the Daredevil and made his sidekicks and apprentices in crime-fighting. In addition to Daredevil’s opponents, the Little Wise guys fight Nazis, ordinary criminals, and the Greys, a hooded kid gang. The Little Wise Guys appear in stories with titles like “The Hyena Wore Pants,” “Can’t Shoot You For Trying,” and “The Punch and Judy Murders.”

First Appearance: Daredevil Comics #13 (Lev Gleason), Oct 1942. 100+ appearances, 1942-1956. Created by Charles Biro.











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