Little Giant. “After long years of research and experiment, Professor Rednow has discovered a remarkable serum for the super-development of muscle and sinew. He dreams of creating a race of physical giants with his wonderful serum. To test its powers, he persuades a little orphan newsboy to act as a ‘guinea pig’ with startling results. The lad does not increase in size, but suddenly acquires the strength of a dozen full-grown men!!!” A few weeks later Professor Rednow gives the boy, Rusty, “liquid impurvogen” (granting him invulnerability) and an anti-gravity costume (allowing him to make Hulk jumps). The Little Giant uses his new abilities to fight ordinary criminals.

First Appearance: O.K. Comics #1 (Worth Carnahan), July 1940. 2 appearances, 1940. Created by ?











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