Little Boy Blue. Tommy Rogers, the son of the District Attorney, overhears his father talking about the trouble he's having with criminals. Tommy gets together with his friends Tubby and Toughy, and they put on costumes and fight crime as Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys. Little Boy Blue has no superpowers. Most of the criminals he fights are ordinary, but some are name criminals: the counterfeiter the Scorpion, the Flare, who uses a “pyro-pistol,” and the lupine crimelord Wolf Lupo. Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys appear in stories with titles like “The Letter of Slug Ginnis,” “Reggie, the Mystery Kid,” and “Pies, Spies and Alibis.”

First Appearance: Sensation Comics #1 (DC), Jan 1942. 82 appearances, 1942-1948. Created by Bill Finger and Jon L. Blummer.










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