Lightning Girl. Isabel Blake, a friend of Lash Lightning, is with Lightning when the Teacher captures him and knocks him out. The unconscious Lightning accidentally pumps "thousands of volts" of electricity through Blake’s body. Instead of killing her it gives her his super-powers. She a variety of superabilities, including flight, electricity generation, radiating "lightning heat," and super-speed. She becomes the sidekick of Lash, who she can track via their shared "lightning impulses." She is recharged by electricity. With Lash she fights several recurring villains: a sadistic bloodthirsty werewolf with a grudge against society, the Mad Scientist Dr. Diablo (who dabbles in zombie-making), the bee-costumed Maestro, who controls a swarm of bees through his violin, and the “angel of evil,” the Mastermind, a Mad Scientist with an actual castle laboratory. She appears in stories with titles like “The Teacher and the Lesson of Doom,” “The Corpses That Wouldn’t Stay Dead,” and “The Werewolf of Wetheridge.”

First Appearance: Lightning Comics v3n1 (Ace), June 1942. 9 appearances, 1942-1946. Created by Harry Sahle and ?







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