Liberty Scouts. "In secret, using a mysterious weapon, the enemy from across the sea has struck and black disaster sweeps the USA...sabotage to airplane factories and destruction to munition plants!" The enemy is using a heat ray to destroy the American war infrastructure, but fortunately a mystery trio stops them. A poor immigrant who achieved great wealth in the US trained three young men to secretly protect the US  their "lives are pledged to Uncle Sam!" The first is "Smokey, the world's most brilliant scientist and inventor," who creates high-tech weapons and vehicles for the team to use. The second is Skipper, "the best sailor on the seven seas." He has a "super submarine, an ocean going arsenal  far faster than any ship above or below water.” The third is "Strut, who can fly like a hawk. He's the youngest and most daring ace in the whole USA! His plane is a man ridden rocket, a hurricane of speed, a thunder bolt of action!" These three are the Liberty Scouts (alternatively called the “Liberty Guards” and the “Liberty Patriots”). They leave behind a picture of the Liberty Bell as their trademark.

First Appearance: Liberty Scouts Comics #2 (Centaur), June 1941. 4 appearances, 1941. Created by Bob Lubbers and ?









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