Liberty Belle. Reporter Libby Belle Lawrence is a native of Warsaw and is forced to flee from Poland and then Holland when the Germans invade. She comes to America, famous for having swum the English Channel during her escape from France, and becomes a reporter. While visiting the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia she is given a replica of the bell. She is moved enough by the Bell that she feels the need to do more than just report the news. She puts on a costume and wears the replica as a belt buckle; when crime threatens, Tom Revere, the man who gave Lawrence the bell replica, rings the real Liberty Bell, which causes Libby's belt buckle to vibrate. She has no superpowers but is a strong fighter. She fights ordinary criminals, Axis agents, the Latin American bandit El Bolo, the criminal athletes the Hercules Raiders, and the saboteurs the Vandal Invaders. Liberty Belle appears in stories with titles like “Wings of Treachery,” “the Beggar’s Masquerade,” and “Catalyst for Catastrophe.”

First Appearance: Boy Commandos #1 (DC), Winter 1942-1943. 51 appearances, 1942-1947. Created by Don Cameron and Chuck Winter.







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