Lightning, Lash. “In ancient Egypt Lash Lightning was given all the power, strength and speed of lighting. It was the Old Man of the Pyramids who bestowed these powers upon Lighting so that he might wage a constant war against the powers of evil and crime.” In the modern era doughty explorer Flash Lightning is delving into a pyramid when he encounters the Old Man, who gives him all the powers of Lash Lightning, on the condition that he fight against evil with them. He has a variety of superpowers, including flight, electricity generation, radiating "lightning heat," and super-speed. He uses these abilities to fight crime. He is assisted by Lightning Girl, who he can track via their shared "lightning impulses." Lash fights several recurring villains: a misanthropic, bloodthirsty werewolf, the Mad Scientist Dr. Diablo (who dabbles in zombie-making), the bee-costumed music-loving Maestro, and the “angel of evil,” the Mastermind, a Mad Scientist with an actual castle laboratory. Lash appears in stories with titles like “Lunchboxes of Doom” and “The Handshake of Horror.”

First Appearance: Sure-Fire Comics #1 (Ace) , June 1940. 38 appearances , 1940-1946. Created by ? Note: Initially called “Flash Lightning,” he was later renamed "Lash Lightning" to avoid confusion with the Flash.







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