North, Larry. Larry North, “reserve lieutenant of the U.S. Navy,” begins his adventures as a pilot on a Pan-American Clipper. But he discovers a series of secret German bases in the jungles of Brazil, and he quits his job to go undercover full-time as a Nazi fighter. This leads him around: Martinique, Brazil and Hawaii, among other places. He is assisted by Betty Harmon, former stewardess on his plane; she is as adventurous and capable as he is. Together they fight the Fuhrer of Brazil and the Japanese on their secret aerial base in the Aleutians, among others. They also team up with Jungle Boy, a.k.a. Hal Thurston, who plays at being Tarzan while terrorizing the Japanese. Larry North appears in stories with titles like "The Jungle Boy" and "The Nazi Gold Mine."

First Appearance: Exciting Comics #10 (Standard), June 1941. 18 appearances, 1941-1944. Created by Max Plaisted and ?









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