Lancer. Lance Larter is a friend of Arthur Lake, a.k.a. the Sword (II). When Lake draws Excalibur and transforms into the Sword, Larter becomes the super-powered Lancer. As the Lancer has super-strength and wields a long lance. His recurring enemy is the Japanese sorceress femme fatale Faye Morgana, “Nazi-dom’s most deadly spy–Morgana, daughter of death!” She employs agents like the Hun and the Goth against the Sword (II) and the Lancer. The Lancer appears in stories with titles like “Doubles to Doom Democracy,” “The Genius,” and “Undersea Domain of Doom!”

First Appearance: Super-Mystery Comics #v3n3 (Ace), Jan 1943. 8 appearances, 1943-1945. Created by George Gregg and ?











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