Lady Luck.  Lady Luck is Brenda Banks, a "debutante crime buster bored with social life" who decided to become a "modern lady Robin Hood." She solves blackmail cases, kidnapings, spies, and any other cases that come her way. She fights ordinary criminals, German and Japanese agents, and the occasional fantastic foe, like a band of Thuggee and the evil surgeon Dr. Dermis, As Brenda Banks she is in love with Police Chief Hardy Moore, but Moore's job is to bring in Lady Luck. During the war Lady Luck heads up the girls of the Lady Luck Patrol. Lady Luck appears in stories with titles like “Bismark the Blackmailer,” “The Kidnapped Babies,” and “Dr. Cuspid’s Alloy.”

First Appearance: Smash Comics #42 (Quality), Apr 1943. 61 appearances, 1943-1950. Klaus Nordling and ?









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