Kitten. Katie Conn is an eleven-year-old girl whose parents are killed in a train wreck. She is adopted by David Merrywether, aka Cat-Man. Katie is already a trained acrobat, so it's a relatively simple thing to train her to fight crime and then make her his sidekick. He puts her in a cat costume and calls her Kitten, and she helps him. As time goes by she amply develops, and their relationship takes on some odd overtones. She is also a member of the Little Leaders. She is a good fighter and acrobat, but has no superpowers. She fights everything from jungle natives, ordinary criminals, and Nazis to the Bridge Destroyer, a lost city of the Aztecs, ghouls, and the runty Nazi crime-master Doctor Sinister. Kitten appears in stories with titles like “The Tokyo Termites,” “The Death of a Swordsman,” and “The Eyes of Justice.”

First Appearance: Cat-Man Comics #5 (Temerson/Helnit/Continental), Dec 1941. 53 appearances, 1941-1946. Created by Charles Quinlan and ?









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