Kismet. “Hound them, torture them! Scream the Nazi sadists, but the conquered people of Europe carry on their ceaseless struggle against tyranny, and fighting by their side, lending the power of his great mind and the force of his mighty fists, is Kismet, Man of Fate!!” Kismet, a “mighty tower of valor and justice with the mind of a prophet,” is a Muslim superhero active against Satan and his assistants Flame (femme fatale) and Bruta (brute), who are trying to make Hitler a successful tyrant. Kismet’s super-power is that he knows what is fated to be, and uses that to his advantage, ala “It has been written that the hand is quicker than the eye!” He is active in occupied Europe.

First Appearance: Bomber Comics #1 (Elliot), Summer 1944. 4 appearances, 1944. Created by Omar Tahan.

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