King of the Congo. “Listen! Hear the drumming roar of his plane as it thunders from out of the wild blue yonder, as it zooms above the dense green tangle of African jungleland, and wings onward to a destiny of bright and daring adventure! It’s Clipper King and his sidekick, Jingo.” Working for Bertha Lawson, King and Jingo have a variety of jungle adventures: meeting a Sheena-like Jungle Hero, hunting man-eating lions, meeting a White Queen of a native people, working with the Jungle Patrol, etc. King of the Congo appears in stories with titles like “The Women-Stealers,” “The Flying Devils,” and “The Treasure of Lobengula.”

First Appearance: Wings Comics #99 (Fiction House), Nov. 1948. 19 appearances, 1948-1953. Created by Ruben Moreira and ?




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