King of Futuria. Captain Richard Devens was one of the Flying Tigers and won the Congressional Medal of Honor. So when "Professor Albert Lawrence, Scientist" approaches him to travel to Earth a thousand years in the future, "to get a report on...the vegetation, animal life, civilization, etc," Deens is game. Unfortunately, an accident destroys the time machine and badly wounds Professor Lawrence, stranding Devens in the future with little hope of return. Worse, Devens discovers that the Earth, up to five years ago, was a highly advanced civilization, with the city of Futuria leading the way, but then "the tentacle-men of Venus" invaded and used their “blue ray mind paralyzer” and radio-controlled robots (“telemations”) to conquer most of the world. Devens leads a revolt which overthrows the Venusians, including the traitorous humans allied with them, and ultimately becomes King of Futuria. Devens has no superpowers but is athletic and brave and uses whatever advanced future technology (like invisibility pills) he can find.

First Appearance: Mystery Comics #1 (Standard), 1944. 4 appearances, 1944-1947. Created by ?




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