King (I). “Like a man whose name is never known, King Standish–‘King’ to the underworld of crime–remains a mystery and a terror to the overlords of vice and murder! His names are legion–his faces myriad! He is a tyrant to the cruel–a benefactor to the weak....” King Standish is a millionaire playboy and sworn enemy of crime. He has no superpowers, but is a master of disguise, enough to continually fool the criminals into believing that the person they are confiding in is not the King, and is an ace locksmith and marksman. He is initially opposed by and then later helped by the Witch, his Loving Enemy who he eventually convinces to turn to the good. There are also Chinese pirates to be opposed and jewel thieves to be caught, the hooded Murder Master, the disguise-using Face, and the femme fatale Scarlet Mermaid to be apprehended. He appears in stories with titles like “Warning from the Witch,” “The Adventure of the French Quarter,” and “Old King Cole Meets the King.”

First Appearance: Flash Comics #3 (DC), Mar 1940. 31 appearances, 1940-1943. Created by Gardner Fox and William Smith.









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