Kid Eternity. Christopher “Kit” Freeman is working on his grandfather's merchant marine ship when it is hit and sunk by a U-boat's torpedo. On reaching heaven, however, Freeman is met by the angelic Mr. Keeper, who tells him that he was supposed to live another 75 years and that his death was an accident. Mr. Keeper accompanies Freeman back to Earth and by way of apology gives him an exceptional power: Freeman can summon up anyone from "mythology or history" with the word "Eternity." Freeman, now back on Earth, can make himself solid, too, and with the help of people like Sir Launcelot, Merlin, and Hercules fights against crime, evil, the Germans, the superstrong Mr. Puny, Master Man (Satan’s personal servant, who can summon history’s greatest villains), and Dr. Pain, the master of agony. Kid Eternity appears in stories with titles like “Julius Caesar at Yankee Stadium,” “The Land of the Amazons,” and “The Black Diamond of Doom.”

First Appearance: Hit Comics #25 (Quality), Dec 1942. 100+ appearances, 1942-1949+. Created by Sheldon Moldoff and ?






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