Colt, Kid. Blaine Colt trained himself from childhood to become an expert with the gun that bore his name, but never used it for fear of giving in to his temper and hurting someone. Blaine's father, Dan Colt, is indeed disappointed in his son, who in his ignorance thinks that Blaine is soft and perhaps a coward. Dan is the owner of the Flying-C Ranch outside of Abiline, Wyoming; when he tries to oppose Lash Larribee, the head of the "Ranchers Protection Association," Larribee shoots him down. Blaine, furious, straps on his Colts, stalks into town, outdraws Larribee and kills him. Larribee's men accused Blaine of murdering Larribee, and Blaine went on the run, becoming the itinerant cowboy do-gooder known as Kid Colt. He has the usual sorts of cowboy vigilante adventures, although there is the occasional exotic adversary, like the Mad Monk and the manitou Black Wolf. Kid Colt appears in stories with titles like "Spawn of the Six Gun Syndicate," "Flashing Steel of Doom," and "The Curse of the Chinese Idol!"

First Appearance: Kid Colt #1 (Marvel), Aug 1948. 100+ appearances, 1948-1949+. Created by ?













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