Key. "A key can mean many things to many people--but to Jeffery Quick, the key opens the door to strange adventures --- unlocks the dark secrets of those who plot to destroy --- and points the way to danger!" Dr. Quick was given the Key by a native people in Oklahoma so that he would fight evil. The Key is a magic key which glows when evil and danger are near and can be used to open doors and to lasso and garrote criminals (via a silk cord attached to the Key). Quick is assisted by Palo, a member of the Oklahoman people who selected Quick to receive the Key. Quick fights black marketers, murderers, and other ordinary criminals, and after the war is affiliated with the French Foreign Legion, fighting its enemies.

First Appearance: Key Comics #1 (Consolidated), Jan. 1944. 5 appearances, 1944-1946. Created by Gus Schrotter and ?




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