Ka-Zar. David Rand is a Jungle Hero. He fights evil in the jungle with his lion friend Zar. His father, John Rand, "young owner of a rich diamond field in the Transvaal," is flying to Cairo from Johannesburg with his wife Constance and son David when the plane develops motor trouble and is forced down in the "thick, wild TROPICAL FOREST!!" of the Belgian Congo. John and Constance die soon afterwards, from a "raging fever" and a broken heart, leaving David alone to raise himself. When he's a young adult, similar in skills and dress to Tarzan, he befriends the elephant Trajah and the lion Zar, the "lord of the jungle." He has no superpowers, but in one story is given a brew by a witch-doctor which grants him enhanced strength and endurance.

First Appearance: Marvel Comics #1 (Marvel), Oct 1939. 28 appearances, 1939-1942. Created by Ben Thompson and ? Note: Ka-Zar is based on Bob Byrd’s pulp character of the same name.




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