Kara. “Somewhere in the unknown wilderness of New Guinea is the incredible stronghold of the Arohitans --- the ancient tribe whose weird secrets include a strange charm against physical harm! Cast among the Arohitans by a faithful accident --- Army nurse Jane Howell finds herself hailed as their long-lost ruler  -- and, aided by Major Kit Kendall, becomes Kara --- the Jungle Princess!" The immortal Arohitans were living under water until Kara and Kit raised it from the depths. Now she rules over the city of Arohiti, and Kit is the chief of the Arohitans’ Council Of Warriors, but Kara has an arch-enemy: Targala the archpriest, last disciple of Esh-kar the ape-god, exiled years ago for plotting against the throne of Arohiti. He has a stronghold in the Temple of Doom, and warriors of his own—tiny ones: "For five generations --- I've steadly dwarfed them with a secret substance from the nests of driver ants!" Now they are ant-sized and devoted to Targala, and their spears are tipped with rakava gum, which turns everyone, even Arohitans, into bloodthirsty maniacs, and can also turn the ant-sized warriors into giants. Targala also unleashes a living statue of Esh-kar against Arohiti, among other dastardly acts. Kara appears in stories with titles like “Inescapable Disaster” and “Vengeance of the Volcano.”

First Appearance: Exciting Comics #39 (Standard), June 1945. 12 appearances, 1945-1947. Created by Al Camy and ?




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