Kalthar. “Kalthar is a white man, wild and cunning, and strong as the beasts whose language he speaks. He has been reared from infancy by savage blacks, the Ugarnas, who were rescued from Arab slavers by Kalthar's father. Freeing the Urganas, Kalthar's father lost his own life. The fleeing blacks took with them his boy child and called him Kal-Thar, or God-son.” In addition to the Jungle Hero aspects of the strip Kalthar can also take a magic red grain which will make him twice as tall as a man. He can then take a green grain which will turn him normal again. Kalthar appears in stories with titles like “The Ivory Hunters,” “The Golden Tablet of Kybys,” and “The Leopard Men.”

First Appearance: Zip Comics #1 (Archie), Feb 1940. 9 appearances, 1940. Created by Harry Shorten and Lin Streeter.








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