Junior Rangers. Roger Ranger, descendant of the original American Ranger, is orphaned by a German parachutist, and swears vengeance in response. But he’s too young to enlist in the armed forces, so he gathers together other freedom-loving children–Brooklynite Smokey O’Toole, upper class Jerry Simms, and the Chinese tween Chan, and forms the Junior Rangers, who fight the Axis and then criminals and tween adventurers. On at least one occasion they team up with Yank and Doodle. They appear in stories with titles like “The Inca’s Treasure,” “The Swamp-Rat Killer,” and “Witchcraft Warfare.”

First Appearance: Headline Comics #1 (Prize), Feb 1943. 24 appearances, 1943-1947. Created by ? and Jack Binder.



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