Jungle Twins. In the Gold Coast Dr. Wilbur Dale is attacked by natives, and his infant sons Bill and Steve Dale are separated. Bill Dale grows up in America and becomes an adventurer. Once he turns 21, he goes back to Africa, convinced by native legends that his brother Steve is still alive. The effort is a difficult one: he and his Bantu sidekick Dagoo (who he treats in a relatively respectful manner and is portrayed in a relatively non-stereotypical way) encounter ape-men, giant elephants, giant gorillas, Arab slave traders, an army of snakes, and a race of literal giants. Eventually Bill and Steve are reunited and Steve reconciled to Bill. Steve has the usual Jungle Hero suite of abilities.

First Appearance: Nickel Comics #1 (Fawcett), May 1940. 7 appearances, 1940. Created by Bill Parker and Sven Elven.


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