Jungle King. Lee Granger, “noted scientist-explorer,” crashes over “Africa’s most dangerous jungle,” and saves the life of a Bantu king. Because they have been victimized by Arab slave traders, Granger vows to protect them. He teaches them the ways of modernity and helps them build a modern American-style town as their capital. Granger traps a lion and performs experiments on it, giving it near-human intelligence and teaching it how to talk. Granger names the beats “Eric,” and it becomes his sidekick. Granger, Eric, and the Bantu (pygmies) fight against Arab slavers, flying demon djinn, the Queen of the Driver Ants, gold-seeking white men, and German spies. He appears in stories with titles like “Hunt for the Talking Lion,” “The Queen of the Elephants,” and “Kingdom of Unseen Terror.”

First Appearance: Slam-Bang Comics #1 (Fawcett), Mar 1940. 11 appearances, 1940-1941. Created by Manly Wade Wellman and Jack Binder.










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