Judy of the Jungle. Judy of the Jungle is raised in isolation in the African jungles by her naturalist father: “Because I never trusted my fellow men, I brought you up to despise people! Alas -- how wrong I was! Now you are completely at home in the jungle!" When her father encounters a band of international criminals, they shoot him, and when Judy finds her dying father he tells her to "Live for revenge, Judy...and remember...trust no man!" However, while pursuing the murderers Judy’s life is saved by Pistol Roberts, a “special government criminal agent,” and they fall in love, although she continues not to trust other humans. She is helped by Chan, the monkey, Tanda the elephant, and Kala, the black panther. As a merciless distaff Jungle Hero, she fights white murderers from outside the jungle, a Lost City of Pharaonic cultists, white treasure-hunters in search of Lobengula’s treasure, the tribe of U’bongo, the Leopard Queen, and so on. She appears in stories with titles like “Liquid of Life,” “King of the Chimpanzees,” and “Swahili Medicine Man.”

First Appearance: Exciting Comics #55 (Standard), May 1947. 20 appearances, 1947-1949. Created by Ralph Mayo and ?







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