Linton, Jon. Jon Linton is a "flyer, scientist, adventurer" who fights against the evil alien Nogos in the year 2000 on "Quinton, Land of the 5th Dimension." Jon does this with the help of his friends Dr. Kane, Lisa Kane (Jon's sweetie), and Alpha-712, one of the natives of Quinton who can "make from mental force anything they have seen or understand." After beating the Nogos–Jon provides the ideas, Alpha makes the ideas real, and together they make ray-guns and cannons to drive the Nogos off–Jon et al travel through time and space–the stars and galaxies of our dimension are the electrons and protons of the 5th dimension–and arrive on Earth in the year 1940, where further adventures await them. His arch-enemy is the “mad, brilliant” scientist Satan Rex.

First Appearance: Amazing Mystery Funnies v2n11 (Centaur), Nov 1939. 5 appearances, 1939-1940. Created by Harry Francis Campbell.

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