Kent, Jonathan. In his own words, “I’m one of that small band who risk their lives every day to preserve the American Way! Yes, I’m a counterspy – and it’s dangerous business! You can’t get to know us, for reasons of security, but I think you ought to learn what we’re doing.” During WW2 Kent was a fighter pilot and an ace, but before the war he was exposed to the horrors of Soviet Russia, and that instilled in him a hatred of communism. So after the war he enlists in the “American Espionage Service” and learns all the skills needed to fight the lonely private war of the counterintelligence agent. Sometimes this takes him into East Berlin, but more often he is active on the home front. Kent is hard but not hard-boiled, and is capable of falling in love with a foreign agent. But patriotism rules him, not emotions.

First Appearance: Spy and Counterspy #1 (American Comics Group), Aug-Sep 1949. 4 appearances, 1949-1950. Created by Richard E. Hughes and Charles Sultan.



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