Johnny Rebel. “Slimy hands of those disloyal to our great democracy reach to our southern states, in their effort to stem the United States’ big defense program, but find their master in Johnny Rebel, mighty guardian of the American way.” Johnny Bailey is the grandson of plantation owner and cotton grower Colonel Bailey. When Johnny turns 15, he is given a costume “like Yankee Boy’s!” and he vows to become the Southern version of Yankee Boy. The murder of Colonel Bailey gives him further resolve. Johnny Rebel has no superpowers but is athletic. He is assisted by the racist stereotype Rufus, the family valet. In a text story in Yankee Comics #3, he teams up with Yankee Boy and Dandy. He appears in stories with titles like "The Haunted Hill," "Winner Take All," and "Revenge of the Ripper."

First Appearance: Yankee Comics #2 (Chesler/Dynamic), Nov 1941. 7 appearances, 1941-1944. Created by ?





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